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5 Interesting Things for Children To Do With Paper Bags

It happens often that you buy something in bulk and find them extra after utilising them for a particular purpose. In this series, paper bags are also included in the list. So, if you want to do something creative and outstanding with your leftover bunch of bags of paper, you can check out the collection of these amazing ideas. These crafting ideas will be loved by your children too during those lazy holidays when they want to do enjoy creating something innovative –

Alien headpieces

So, you want to avail something new to your children to play with during the next kids’ party. Well, the idea of creating alien headpieces will be loved by your children and their friends. This is also an extensively preferred creative activity for Halloween party. You can experiment with the bags of paper, cut two holes in the shape of eyes and past fancy designed nose and lips on it for the perfect monster look.

Paper bag fall wrath

What about making a fall wreath with paper bags during the Christmas season and Halloween? This idea seems very creative and exciting, no? You need nothing to do but just drawing simple flower patterns on the paper bags. After this, you need to cut as much flower shapes as possible with those paper bags and give them a shape of wrath using a flexible wire. It’s so easy that you can simply make a circle with the flexible wire and paste your paper bag flowers on the circle. Decorate it with colourful paper butterflies, bells and cherries. If you don’t have enough bags of papers for this purpose, you can buy paper bags online at the cheapest deal.

Paper bag nests

One more thing which can be designed very attractively by using bags of paper is the artificial nest. This item attracts children so much for its cute shape and also used frequently in their school projects, DIY doll house etc. So, you can use brown coloured bags made up of paper for preparing lovely nests. Just take a bag made of paper and cut it into a circular shape. Then, twist the circle in order to make a shallow cone-like structure. By folding the point of the cone, provide the shape of a nest to your creation. Use leftover paper for making multiple small strips of paper and paste these paper stripes on the nest randomly for offering a messy look. This is how; your paper bag nest will be ready.

Cute stationary holders

Nothing can be used as a far cuter way than the bags made up of paper bags for designing a wall hanging stationary holder. You just need a newspaper and fold it half way on its length. Then fold it once again in the length in order to make a long runner. Now, paste 3 to 4 paper bags in a queue on this prepared ‘base of newspaper’. Decorate the bags of paper with stickers, colours and handmade flowers for a catchy look. Attach a tagging thread at one end and hang it on the wall. Use this wall hanging stationary holder to handle your debit cards, pens and light weight keys. To buy good quality paper bags online, you can go through the official websites of remarkable sellers in this field.

Hanging vases

Who doesn’t want to change the look of its living room within a few minutes? But finding an exact idea for doing the same is a difficult job. If you are planning to do something new with the interior of your house, you should try preparing hanging flower vases. Take brown bags of paper and turn them into a hanging vase by attaching a long strip of paper on both the upper parts in the form of a handle. After doing this process with 5-6 paper bags, hang them on a curtain rod the room. Now, put some attractive prepared artificial flowers in these vases and yeah, your room is ready to surprise your friends. these paper stripes on the nest randomly for offering a messy look. This is how; your bag of paper nest will be ready.

There are many uses for bags made of paper. Even the children also know its uses. Now with the help of the internet, we can buy paper bags online also, as there are many sites providing this facility. If we look to the Indian market we can buy paper bags online. If you want to get more knowledge on this subject, you can browse sites on the internet. It offers very competitive and economic range of this such stuff. We can choose product of our choice and budget.


Animals Used for Experimentation

Right now, as you are reading this article, millions of rabbits, primates, dogs, and mice must be going under the knife as a result of experiments being conducted on them for the sustenance and growth of the human race. We started breaking the balance and crossed all limits when we began to slaughter these sentient creatures just for the development of our own race.

We made the poor, innocent animals subjects of our horrific experiments. They are made to undergo pain inducing clinical trials for cosmetics, medical drugs, consumer products and so on. We long forgotten their rights, and now we are being ignorant towards the ethics and principles involved behind causing such pain to these living creatures.

Millions of primates, rabbits, dogs, cats, pigs, rodents, etc. are made to undergo horrifying experiments in laboratories spread across the globe. As an impact of the drugs being administered, the helpless creatures are at times intoxicated and burnt alive. In the physiological experiments, they are left to suffer depravity, anxiety, depression, terror, helplessness, and more. They are electrocuted during vivisection surgeries and injected with almost everything from heroin and marijuana to methamphetamine into their internal systems. To understand the cancerous cell and their impacts, carcinoma is induced in them.

Some of these animals have been found with holes in their skull for being used for the purpose of brain related experiments. The case is worse for mice and rats, in which there aren’t any laws to safeguard their interest. While in case of other animals like guinea pigs, cats, and dogs, the researchers are expected to look for other alternatives, and in case of necessity, are bound by law to use pain relief and anesthetics. However for mice and rats, there doesn’t exist any such obligation. They are readily available, and no permission has to be granted to use them for experiments. Use of such animals for experiments makes the laboratories evasive of any laws and inspections, and thus they are left on their own to carry on with their heinous crimes.

Eye irritancy tests, for dish washing liquids, cosmetics, drain cleaners, etc. are injected in eyes of the innocent animals like rabbits to check their effects on humans. Such experiments often leave these animals with eye conditions including blindness, redness, hemorrhage, swelling, discharge, etc. Precious, beautiful animals like rabbits are shaved and corrosive chemicals are applied on their backs or other body parts. These animals are left as such for as long as a fortnight with no pain relievers, and they often succumb to their injuries and pain.

The innocent creatures are made to undergo surgeries in their spines to study cardiovascular diseases, spinal cord injuries, and so on. These animals are kept in mutilated conditions for over six months before being killed by barbarians. The helpless animals are met with terrifying experiments where they are treated no better than mere disposable wastes of experiments.

The primates being equally sentient as humans are first made to undergo painful separations from their family and natural habitat. They are trapped in isolation in cruel laboratories which cause abnormal behaviors, insanity and loneliness, etc. These animals are made to undergo pharmaceutical tests and are induced with infectious disease and ailments like HIV Aids to develop vaccines, which even after decades of experimentation have failed to show results on humans.

In case of military experiments, they are made to undergo the impact of deadly anthrax and bubonic plagues. In these unbelievable cruel experiments of the impacts of maternal-deprivation, these primates are separated from their mothers to understand the impact of pains and emotional disturbances induced out of such separations.

In one of the most disturbing experiments, some of the monkeys have been found with hole in their skulls, metal resistant devices screwed inside their heads, and even traces of electrodes have been found inserted in their brains. One of the shocking revelations has shown a part of their brain being destroyed or removed in studies of the cognitive function. These poor creatures are then made immobilized, and their heads being bolted at a place just to record their behavioral pattern.

Animals like cats are forcibly made part of the intubation training exercises wherein hard plastic tubes are forced down their windpipes to induce bleeding, swelling, scarring, collapsed lungs, and excruciating pain which often compels them to collapse. While carrying out vision experiments, the cats are brought up in areas deprived of light and have one or both of their eyes sewn or removed. In orthopedic experiments, the spinal cords of these cats are crushed to induce paralysis or lower back disorders. Such cruel experiments leave these cats with mutilated faces, crushed optical nerves, removed ears and eyes, and more.

Pigs in many laboratories across the globe are shot, stabbed, dismembered and burnt in names of experiments. Holes are made into their throats, needles are inserted within their bones, and tissues around their hearts and lungs are removed. Remember these excruciating experiments are conducted mostly without the administration of pain relief and anesthetic drugs.

All these heinous treatments that these innocent creatures are forced to undergo is in spite of the fact that alternatives are available in laboratories for carrying out these experiments. Some of the alternatives available other than using animals for experimentation are as follows:

• In Vitro Research: Rather than using animals for experiments, in vitro research uses a controlled environment like test tubes or petri dish for experiments. These experiments not only saves the cruel slaughtering of animals, but also provide more accurate results. As most of the diseases begin to spread from the microscopic level, this offers better opportunities for their administration.

• Computer and Mathematical Modeling: Techniques like computers and mathematical modeling have been instrumental in achieving a significant breakthrough in the studies of HIV Aids, breast cancer, high blood pressure, etc.

• Epidemiology: This refers to the study and cure of diseases within a given set of population. Long- term studies in epidemiology have derived links between heart diseases and diet, smoking with lung cancer, and environmental poisons with occupational diseases.

• Autopsies: From establishing the nature and cause of death, autopsies have been instrumental in identifying the presence of an illness which often the physicians missed diagnosing. The impacts of autopsies are being recognized by most of countries, and hence more funds are getting allocated for autopsy promising more positive results than animal experimentation.

All the above alternatives safeguard the interest of the sentient creatures as well as promises more accurate and better results. We must start relying more upon them than cruel experiments on animals.

The Evil Fur Trade

Fur trade is one of the oldest fabric trades in the garment business and the most inhuman of all. Dealings regarding the acquisition and sale of fur from animals have been immensely popularized around the world in the last century with the rise in high fashion. Since the early modern period, furs of different animals like boreal, polar bear, minks, and others have been in high demand. This led to the exploitation of temperate regions like Siberia, Northern North America, South Sandwich Island, and South Shetland where millions of animals have been killed over the years.

In spite of worldwide protests against the use of fur in clothing or otherwise, fur farms continue to survive and employ some of the cruelest methods of extracting fur from animals. While the supporters have repeatedly tried to reason that the methods are not cruel, there are several sting operations that prove that the fur trade industry can be called inhumane in the politest of terms. Although a substantial portion of fur usage had diminished with its replacement of synthetic product and the unending campaigns of the animal rights groups, thousand of animals die every year simply to cater to the whims of the shallow and uncompassionate.

Reasons for rise in fur trade:

So coming to the most important question of all, why is it that there is such a demand for fur products? Are people really that clueless and do not care how other species are treated? You see, there are two very simple reasons as to why animals are killed. One is for the sake of vanity, for showing off one’s riches and tastes in society. The other is simply to make a great deal of money by catering to those tastes. A number of people believe that fur clothing or accessories are glamorous and make one look more attractive. It is this demand that led to the rise in poaching or setting up of fur farms. As long as there is a market for fur products, the barbaric fur farms continue to exist.

How the animals are treated:

There are several animals that are targets for fur farming because of their fur coats. These include both big and small animals. Some of the most popular fur varieties are rabbit, mink, fox, polar bear, and raccoon. All of which are denied a full healthy life in the name of fashion. These precious, innocent creatures are raised in horrible conditions and are confined in tiny cages. The methods of killing are even worse, and the animals are still alive after their skin is removed. The animals suffer in ways that one cannot even imagine.

Make an alternative choice:

Fur products may look beautiful, but the price that is paid is too high to even consider. However, there is an alternative that looks as beautiful but is without a violent history to tell. That’s right. Make a conscious choice and use faux fur if you desire that style. They look just the same and are approved by the animal rights groups fighting against use of fur.

Several fashion labels are consciously making an effort to promote faux fur and are increasingly using them in their collections. Labels like Guess and Ralph Lauren are such examples that promote the use of faux fur and are against killing of animals. Although faux fur has ecological impacts as well, as they are made of non renewable petroleum products, it is still encouraged over the use of real fur.

What difference can you make?

Fur trade can only be brought to an end if everyone makes an effort. Fur is a luxury item, which people use at the cost of the lives of innocent animals. Fashion is never a necessity and killing animals for it is nothing short of barbaric. But that can be put to an end if everyone makes a small contribution. You can take the first step and make your mark by:

1. Boycotting all those shops that sell fur products. You can write to the higher authorities and make your opinions known. The more they are enlightened about public opinion with regard to fur products, the more impact it will make. You can form your own protest forums and let people know which companies are condoning the use of fur.

2. Never buy clothes, gloves, toys, or other products that are made of actual fur. Remember that it is nothing but the external covering of a beautiful animal which had to die for no reason of its own.

3. You can protest against the existing fur farms in your country by writing to the government. Let them know that you are against such unethical treatment of animals and that they deserve to live. Ask them to impose a ban on all fur products including imports.

4. Join the animal rights group in your area and aid them in their fight against fur trade. If you are unwilling to join an established group, you can form your own and work towards the rights of these animals as well.

5. Organize anti-fur marches, protest events, and make people aware of the situation. If necessary, show them videos of how the animals are being ill-treated and slaughtered around the world.

Reports show that every year, nearly 40 million precious, fur-bearing animals are killed around the world to provide for the fur-wearing population. Fur products are still being advertised and encouraged by the fashion labels who present fur as glamorous. The excuse that is given by them is that use of fur is natural, and they have been used forever. It is this reasoning that is taking these lives in vain, and although the advertisements look stylish and classy, in reality they are nothing but a fantasy steeped in blood and pain.

The life of an animal is just as precious as the life of another human. Can you imagine doing that to a fellow human being, or at least to your pet rabbit, cat, or dog who has a coat of fur themselves and can be potential victims? If you are horrified at the image, then it shouldn’t be difficult to understand the plight of the wild animals. Remember that every life has the same value.

The pain that is inflicted upon these animals must be addressed immediately and steps should be taken to remedy the situation. Spreading awareness is only the first step. A great deal of damage has already been done to the animal kingdom. It has not only harassed helpless animals, but has also disrupted the ecological balance. If this killing is not stopped immediately, we will have no animal kingdom. So make an effort and let the world know what is going on behind the closed doors of the fur farms. Change takes place only when you decide to make the world a better place for all.


Salvation Gospel: Befriend Jesus

The Song: Oh, how I love JESUS (3 times),
Because He first loved me.

The above song expresses the deepest feeling of a genuine child of God. If you are yet to join the group of persons singing this song with inexplicable joy, seriously consider your position, decide immediately, befriend Jesus today, and catch the joy of the Holy Spirit. As you begin to sing with us, the joy you have contacted through your new found love with JESUS will give you strength.

In truth, it is only those who are in love with Jesus Christ that can honestly sing the song with bliss and be blessed accordingly. We understand from the Bible that God’s blessings make us rich without any negative side effect. Isn’t that Great? This is the only blessing worth having. The good part of it is that Jesus desires your friendship. He wants to befriend you. Why don’t you accept his love proposal today?

It is very important you take note of the following:
1) Friendship with Jesus exposes you to more of God’s blessings.
2) Jesus wants to give you rest from every stress of life.
3) The decision to befriend Him should be made now.
4) Delay is very dangerous.
5) You have only one life to live on this earth.
6) God will certainly review all human activities on earth and reward every man accordingly.

Our Lord Jesus presented himself as the sacrificial lamb to pay the price for the sins of the entire world. This is for the reason that he knows the grave and painful reward that awaits all who refuse to worship God through Him (Jesus).

You will therefore be doing yourself a lot of good if you heed the warning to repent now. Any one that disobeys this warning stands the risk of suffering eternal punishment; being tormented perpetually in the lake of fire. This is also called the second death.

When you disobey God, you are a rebel. In God’s vocabulary, a rebel is equivalent to witchcraft. So, if on earth today, you detest being called witchcraft, you must stop disobeying God. Otherwise you have personally elected to be addressed and treated as witchcraft. The scripture commands that the witchcraft should not be permitted to live. That means, every witchcraft has a death sentence hanging over him/her. You have no excuse from everlasting punishment if you disregard God’s call to life. You personally made the choice to die.

Be informed also that no one can feign ignorance of this invitation. Jesus came directly from God to herald the gospel to everyone that cares to listen, believe and accept it. When He left, He commissioned the Holy Spirit to take over. Up and until now the Holy Spirit is still enabling as many as believe in Jesus Christ to receive salvation and maintain their position in God.

Please join this group now. They are the happiest people in the world. They walk the surface of the earth, yet they are not controlled by the world. The world system does not determine how they live their lives because they are ambassadors of God’s kingdom on earth. God is their focus, saviour, helper, provider, wisdom, comfort, defence, etc. Nothing else qualifies for their complete attention. Pleasing God is all that matters to them. Oh, the joy of being genuinely in love with JESUS. They are simply enjoying life on earth, as they prepare for the glorious day when Jesus Himself will welcome them to their eternal home to live forever with God.

Friend, Befriend Jesus now. He is your only escape route from the imminent wrath of God upon all sinners. Sinners belong to the devil. Therefore the sinner is in enmity with God. God will not spare His enemies when He is ready to judge the world.

You can Befriend Jesus Christ immediately by:
1) Acknowledging:
a) God’s love for you.
b) The great work of salvation done by Jesus Christ for you.
c) Jesus suffering on the cross of Calvary for your sake.

2) Then humbly:
a) Approach Him with a repentant heart to confess your sins.
b) Ask Him to forgive you all your sins.
c) Plead with Him for your reconciliation with God.

3) He will:
a) Answer your prayer of penitence.
b) Forgive and forget your transgressions and iniquities.
c) Give you life.

Now you are BORN AGAIN. You are a friend of Jesus. It is your duty to surrender totally to Him and sincerely ask for His assistance to forsake all your former worldly ways. You completely rely on Him for support and direction. Begin to declare to everyone, your new found LOVE in Jesus Christ. As you do this, your Salvation is established in God. God then releases His POWER on you to indeed manifest your Son-ship before the Earth and the Heavens.

Know the Importance of Alumina Ceramic Beads and Its Uses

Aluminum oxide, mainly known as the Al2o3 is one of the important engineering substance. It has the combination of all the good mechanical properties as well as the electrical properties that lead to its wide range of uses in the both industrial and domestic sectors.

The product alumina can be produced in several ranges of purities that have all the additives designed to make this product suitable for all the uses. An extensive range of ceramic methods are applied that include machining and the net shape forming for producing this product in various sizes and shapes. Additionally, it can be used with the metals or the ceramics by using the brazing and metalizing processes.

The alumina ceramic beads are one of the advanced types of ceramics in these days. Due to its wide range of utilities and properties, they are used in various purposes. There are various characteristics of the alumina that includes higher strength, excessive hardness and wear resistance, excessive thermal capacity, corrosion resistance, excellent dielectric stability and so on.

Alumina occurs naturally in the crystalline form and it is known as the corundum. This is useful in making various types of rubies and sapphires. It has the largest use in the production of the aluminum products. As aluminum is hard to touch, it is also abrasive in nature as well.

The Natural Occurrence of Alumina

The most natural crystalline formation of this material is Corundum. It forms the rubies and sapphires that are really the gem stones. The natural color of this material is due to the presence of certain impurities in them. Rubies have the bright red color due to the presence of the chromium. The sapphires are available in various colors due to the presence of the impurities in the form of titanium and iron. It has the good refractory medium and high melting point as well.

Some of the Industrial Applications Are As Follows-

The alumina is used as the filler material in the industries. It is chemically inert and it is white in color as well. It is one of the common ingredients that are used in the sunscreen mainly in the cosmetic industry. It is also used in the nail polish and in the lipsticks as well.

Alumina is also used in the paint industries for making the paint and other coloring dyes. It acts the catalyst in various chemical reactions. Hence, alumina is one of the important components and it is widely used in various purposes.

My First Day at School

General Description

Board of Inter and Secondary Education announced the day of result for which I was anxiously waiting. I got up early in the morning on that day, prepare myself and started towards my school along with my father. I become very happy when I came to know that I promoted to the new class. By Grace of Almighty Allah, I got first Division in 8th class.

Admission Process

The Headmaster invited applications of candidates for admission in 9th class. I along with my father go to our new school for admission. My father got an admission form from the administration staff. He filled the admission form immediately and entered in the office of Principal. My father gave the form to him. He looked at the form and advised to deposit it with the school staff for further necessary action. The peon led us to the room where I found the staff round a long table. My father gave the form to one of them. The teacher put my knowledge to test in English and mathematics. I solved the questions easily. The teacher wrote something on my admission form and returned it to the school principal for further orders. The principal put his kind considerations on my application and selected me.

Got Admission

It was the happiest movement of my life because I got admission in new class. I went to the classroom after necessary documentation of admission. The instructors were extremely engaged with recording our particulars. They allotted us the roll numbers and we become happy. We were proud of being a school student.

First Day in School

On the first day, I found myself among some smart and active boys. They were the senior students who wanted to make “Matriculation fools” of us, they greeted the new comers with funny remarks.

The bell of the school rang in the meanwhile and we go to the class room. It was my first day and new experience in the school. The teacher arrived and began to call over the roll numbers on the attendance register. After the roll call, the teacher spoke us to the subject he will teach. When the period was over, we moved to another room. That day, each teacher spoke on the importance of school education and other advisory lectures.

Impressions in School

My impression of that day in the school is still fresh in my memory. I found myself at the place where I had wished to be for since I was the student of 8th class. Many times before, I had come to this place with my brothers, cousins and friends. Now, I was a student of this school, it seemed to me a wonderful place. I had a strange sort of satisfaction on entering the gate of my new learning institute. I was experiencing a new joy. The school would give me knowledge and wisdom and make me a good citizen.

At last the classes were over, the bell rang for us to go away home. I was quite glad. It had been a fantastic first day at school.


The Impact of Decibels in a Modern Setting

Apart from traditional human capacities the five most commonly identified senses are sight, touch, taste, smell, and sound. Of these five senses sound is one of the abilities most often taken for granted by most today’s society. Sound is labeled by the unit decibels and given a placement on the decibel scale depending on the intensity of the sound. Any sound can be measured by the decibel meter which can help people determine if exposure to certain sounds will harm them. In modern society, the awareness of decibels is below average and should be taken seriously as a heavy warning by the youth of today’s generation.

For example, teens in this generation tend to listen to music in dangerously loud volumes which can have the potential to leading kids to lose their hearing before experiencing the wonders of aging. Not enough kids are considering the impact of a loud noises or understanding the weight of the risk they put themselves in every time they blast music through their headphones. From the testimony of a close friend, I witnessed a few years back how much a person undergoes when they transition into a life void of sound. Issac, my close friend, had the misfortune of being notified that he was ill and losing hearing would be the product of rapid progression in his disease. While understanding that he was terminally ill was difficult it was even harder for him to embrace everything he would surpass till death.

The first few months were the most difficult because he would have to find enough strength in adjusting to a new lifestyle. At first Issac was began his transition with high hopes and a support group that consisted of everyone he knew. Issac maintained his health to strengthen his chances in slowing his disease but soon enough it caught up with him slowly and then all at once. While it was painful to see the drastic decrease in support he had from friends he mentally prepared himself to life without sound and communication through sign language. In time Issac adjusted and built an appreciation for the everyday rituals he no longer had the ability to perform like he once did. From conversations, he mentions how life is drastically different when he lives through all senses except for sound. He no longer can hear the footsteps in the morning, hear the response of laughter from the jokes he told, or listen to that one song that soothes him after a long day.

Although Issac can no longer hear he is a testimony to how life can still be meaningful even after. However, he uses every opportunity possible to bring awareness to others with a brief introduction to decibels and explaining how raising awareness can alter the future of today’s youth by making them conscious of their actions.

PTE Academic Writing Section Elaborative Strategies

Writing part of the PTE Academic tests the ability of a candidate to produce written English in an academic environment. It requires you to do two tasks. One is summarising written text and the other one is writing an essay. Total time allotted for this part depends on the combination of tasks given. Each summarising written task is to be completed within 10 minutes and 20 minutes are given for writing an essay. A candidate is required to attempt both tasks in standard academic English using correct grammar and spelling. One spelling convention should be used consistently throughout.

Summarising written text: In this task type a candidate is supposed to write the summary of the given text in just one sentence. The content of the text will be about academic subjects. You may not be familiar with the topics presented but all information you need to complete the task is contained in the passage. The text length would be up to 300 words and you have to give the response within 10 minutes.

Read the question carefully and follow the instructions given. Analyse the question and jot down key points mentioned in the whole text on the erasable note board booklet provided. You can use these points as guide to prepare your summary. Remember you have to write only one sentence between 5-75 words only. One sentence means the sentence should start with a capital letter and end with a full stop. In between you can use different punctuations like commas, hyphens, semi-colons etc. to mention important points. There will be a word count box under the text and also the timer indicating remaining time for this task, so you can have a glance at these while writing and adjust accordingly. Make sure you have at least 1-2 minutes to check for any grammatical errors or spelling errors.

Your response for this task will be judged on how well the key points are presented and on the content, form, grammar and vocabulary used. Your summary should not misinterpret the topic or purpose of the passage. Using the correct sentence structure including main clause and subordinate clause and focussing on the usage of appropriate vocabulary and effective use of synonyms are quite essential to fetch good score.

Read the passage carefully identifying the writer’s purpose, style, tone or attitude to comprehend explicit, implicit, concrete and abstract information. While writing keep the track of time and synthesise the information communicating main points using correct grammar and spelling. Do not use background knowledge of your own ideas. Check the length, grammar, punctuation, spelling before clicking “Next” button and make corrections where necessary.

Write essay:

The next task in writing part of the PTE Academic test is write an essay. It is a long-answer writing item type which tests a candidate’s ability to write persuasive or argumentative essay on a given topic. You are expected to have an average typing speed as you need to type your responses on the computer screen in the box given. Understanding the prompt is quite essential to give a suitable response with adequate evidence to support your opinion.

A prompt will be displayed on the screen with instructions. You’ll have 20 minutes to finish the task. The word limit for this task type is 200-300 words which can be monitored in the “total word count” box. You must be able to address the topic, develop ideas based on the prompt using imagination and relevant examples to state your point of view. This task is scored based on several factors like the content, development, structure, coherence, form, language, grammar, vocabulary and spelling. Coherence is nothing but linking ideas together with the main theme. Ideas should be interrelated. Using cohesive words, conditional statements, idioms and collocations also make the essay impressive and interactive. An essay should always be generalised, that is to say no personalised essay. Whatever you mention should be on a general level with appropriate examples, if asked.

Candidates’ key skills tested in this task type are writing for a purpose, supporting an opinion with details, examples or explanations, organising sentences and paragraphs in a logical way, developing complex ideas using words and phrases appropriate to the context, using correct grammar and spelling. For this you need to understand what exactly the requirements of the essay are. You may be asked either to agree/disagree, argue for or against an opinion, describe situation, answer a question, discuss advantages/disadvantages etc.

Before starting to write it is advisable for a candidate to plan the content of your essay by noting any helpful ideas, phrases or words on the erasable note board booklet provided. Organise your ideas into groups, sequence them using cohesive words and check the plan against the essay prompt. Keep track of the time and leave 2-3 minutes in the end for revising and proofreading. This plan can be referred to write the essay within the stipulated time.

Check whether the content is relevant to the topic given, whether the ideas presented are clearly conveying the message, whether the format of the essay is correct with an introduction, a body of 2 paragraphs and a conclusion. Focus on the language and vocabulary you are using to present your ideas. Try using appropriate words, synonyms, prepositions, articles, collocations, idioms, conditionals as per the context to make your essay impressive. Check for the grammar, spelling and punctuation errors, if any.

Extensive practice in writing essays daily on various topics before the test day will prove to be advantageous for a candidate to score better. With practice you’ll be able generate quite a lot ideas and framing proper sentences will come naturally. You’ll have whole bank of words, synonyms to choose appropriate vocabulary from, assisting you in presentation of varied thoughts on the given topic. Practice with patience, positivity and persistence in order to achieve your target score. Good luck!


Does Your Instructor Match Your Training Needs?

Let me start this off by saying how much I love and respect my brothers who serve as Law Enforcement Officers and our Military Service Members. As an Advanced EMT I have had the pleasure of serving beside the boys in blue. I also served two tours in Iraq during my time in the US Navy Seabees. With Compassion For Others, We Build, We Fight, For Peace With Freedom. Hoorah. Now with this motivational moment out of the way…

I want to highlight some of what I see are some defining features of the 4 most common backgrounds that firearms instructors typically come from. The goal here is not to put down any type of shooting background but to assist a person in trying to make their best educated decision when selecting an instructor.


• Typically these Military Shooters have a mission or intended target. What this means is when they go they know there is a fight coming. Even in the more defensive roles it is usually assumed that a fight will happen.

• During a mission firearms are out and ready for use at a moments notice.

• A military shooter is equipped with Body Armor, Rifle, Pistol, many extra magazines for each firearm, medical supplies, and specialized gear to accomplish their missions.

• Military Shooters deploy in teams and their success is heavily dependent working as one unit.

Military Shooters are great marksmen and are used to functioning in environments of very high stress. If your goal is to assault enemy positions with a team of people you have spent more time with than your own family than this is a fantastic choice.

Law Enforcement

• Law Enforcement officers are highly visible due to their uniforms. Officers carry the majority of their required gear on their duty belt and like the military they also typically wear some level of body armor.

• Officers spend a majority of their time patrolling problem areas or responding to an incident in progress. When officers are responding they may have an opportunity to prepare by calling in for reinforcements. Officers also may have the ability to draw their pistols or other equipment in preparation.

• Officers may not be looking for a fight but due to their high visibility a fight may be looking for them.

Law Enforcement Officers are also good with responding during higher stress levels and have a good understanding of multiple levels of force.


• Competitive Shooters are optimized for speed. Their equipment typically has many modifications and hangs from custom belts and rigs to allow for the easiest access.

• Because of the way many stations are set up they are used to a lot of movement and sometimes shooting from various stances and positions.

• They are very up to date on technology and equipment that is available or coming soon.

• Since they are competing against the clock they also are used to adding stress by simulating the need for urgency.

These shooters have a huge focus on safety and really know how to have fun. Hanging out and training with them will get you on the range to practice for sure.


• These shooters train in the same exact clothes they would wear to dinner with the wife and kids. Their firearms are generally stock or with minimal modifications and are partnered with a holster so it can be comfortably worn concealed everywhere.

• Defensive shooter typically spend much of their time when they are not on the range researching laws, studying awareness and avoidance techniques.

• The training puts a heavy focus on only hits count and that you are responsible for every round that leaves your gun.

• Using timers and other methods to induce stress and to make you think while shooting is often a goal when training with defensive shooters.

With a focus on making sure the training focuses on everyday life of the average person this shooter will make sure you understand what it is to carry safely, responsibly, and ethically.

When you are selecting an instructor please take a moment and decide what you need before what looks fun. The good news is many of the best instructors out there have a background in a combination of these 4 typical backgrounds. For the average person having an instructor who has at least one background that includes knowledge, training, and experience in defensive pistol shooting is going to best meet your needs.

Michael is the owner of FAST of Augusta. He began teaching machine guns and machine gun gunnery while on active duty in the US Navy Seabees. He is currently a Defensive Pistol Instructor with NRA and Rangemaster certifications. Michael is also a Personal Protection and Martial Arts instructor as well as a part time Advanced EMT.


Perks of an Egg Incubator

An Egg Incubator is the most hostile and supportive machine for an egg to incubate and hatch successfully. It does a decent job of maintaining a suitable incubation temperature and controlling the humidity at desired levels.

It creates a suitable environment for the eggs to hatch and recreates the role of a resenting hen in the nature.

It keeps the egg warm and maintains the correct humidity. It tries to develop and maintain as perfect as the conditions can get to have a fruitful result and having the incubation procedure carried out successfully.

Here are a few advantages that we get to experience and methods of usage that teach us the perks of utilizing an egg incubator

1. Quantity matters

An incubator hatches way more number of eggs than a hen. It is much more reliable and dependable when it comes to the hatching of eggs. As you see in the case of hens they would eventually stop laying eggs for the time that it sits on the eggs already laid. This drastically cuts your chance of getting a much larger number of chicks. Whereas, if you let the hens lay the eggs and you hatch them in the incubator you would get a much larger number of chicks as an outcome and that would be much more profitable.

2. Necessity of humidity control

This function is provided so that there’s not much of a loss of the egg moisture. In order to have the wished outcome, all the conditions should be kept in mind while using an incubator for the hatching. Hence the humidity control is very essential as it keeps the moisture intact and does not cause a con. A lot of debate is still on regarding the ideal humidity level, so far it’s been concluded that it should range between 70-80 % on the receding days and not fall below 25% or rise above 60% on the settling days.

3. Tossing and Turning the eggs

One of the vividly remembered advice of using this machine is that the eggs need to be turned twice or thrice a day. If you can increase the number to 4-5 times a day, it’s even better. But you should keep in mind that no turning of eggs take place 3 days prior to the hatching. As the embryo advances towards the hatching phase no more turning of the eggs are necessary. It should also be kept in mind that the incubator should be closed to again maintain the desired temperature and humidity during the hatching process.

These few instructions on how to use an egg incubator and why exactly we use it is just to give the common people an idea of how it can give them their wanted results.

Doesn’t these few pieces of information make you want to give it a try to this creation?

Don’t you want to see whether it’s as effective as it sounds and really does give a more appreciable result than the normal hatching of eggs?

Isn’t it worth a try for a better outcome?

Then I hope these tips and techniques help you to try and learn the mechanism of an egg incubator and help in whichever work you endeavor to put it into use for.