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My Answer to the DRACONIAN Question

In his excellent book: “Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future” Peter Thiel asks a question. He calls it ‘the draconian question’ which is being asked of every person he considers employing. The question is posed on page 1, and for the rest of the book, that question kept going around in my mind: What would my response be if asked the draconian question?

The draconian question: “What important truth do very few agree with you on?” That is a very good question. Forcing you to think beyond platitudes and make a stand for something.

Peter Thiel, here is my answer to your draconian question: “Most people believe doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity”. However, the truth is just the opposite.

Consider the following:

(1) Let me start by asking parents: “How long would you give your child to learn to walk?”

Put differently, what is learning to walk but holding your child upright and watching them move their cute little feet, trying to balance before falling over. How often and for how long would you do the same thing over and over expecting your child not to stagger and fall, but stagger and stay upright?

I believe any parent would answer: ‘I am going to help my child learn to walk for as long as it takes.’ No wonder all kid ends up walking, and nobody feels it is insanity to continue to do the same thing over and over expecting a different result

(2) Light. Humans are the only species that are not slaves to the rising and setting of the sun for light. For this, we can thank a prolific inventor with only three months of official school; Thomas Edison.

As a reminder, how did Thomas Edison achieve his feat? Edison tried many thousand of different materials before on 22 October 1879 he found the right combination of carbon filament connected to platina contact wires; and there was light!

In other words Edison tried over and over the same thing; to create light by combining various materials and expecting the result to be different from the thousands of previous disappointments. Did ‘everybody’, from fellow investors, newspaper people and general public try and convince him he was insane for doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? You bet they did. However, I am very happy he did not get discouraged.

(3) Learning any craft. Let me pick tennis to illustrate. In tennis, there are eight basic shots: The serve, forehand, backhand, volley, half-volley, overhead, drop shot and lob.

How many have won a tournament by inventing and introducing a new shot? None.

How do you learn to play tennis? By practicing the eight basic shots over and over and expecting to become a little bit better every time you practice.

How do you win tournaments? By practicing the eight basic shots more frequently and with more vigor than your competition, expecting that your investment in repetition will make you better.

Is there an alternative to ‘doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result is insanity?’

Yes. The Chinese wisdom of “You can’t step in the same flowing river twice”, is so much more appropriate. Especially today with everything constantly changing, and just because something did not work yesterday, so much has changed since yesterday that with a minor tweak you may succeed today.

Your future is a blank canvas. It is up to you to paint your life’s masterpiece. It does not matter if you feel you did not succeed yesterday, last month or last year. Only you can make the difference you want to make in your life, and the only time you have failed is when you give up.

To the best of your success,


Funding an Ethical Future

In the interest of social economical well-being, this article is addressed to senior corporate and educational administrators. It outlines the logic base upholding new technologies, a relevant funding model and new sustainable business administration development policies. These new commercial innovations are associated with the recent discovery that the previous classification of junk DNA is preventing healthy growth and development throughout the world.

The theories within the German book dealing with the non-linearity (fractal logic) reclassification of junk DNA, Vernetzte Intelligenz by Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf have now been validated. The December 13th, 2013 issue of Science announced that scientists have discovered a second code hiding within DNA. The journal Science is the publication of the American Association of Science for the Advancement of Science and is one of the world’s most highly recognised scientific journals.

This second code contains fractal logic information that changes how scientists read the instructions contained in DNA and interpret mutations, to make sense of health and disease. Scientists were stunned to discover that genomes use the genetic code to write two separate languages.One language is written on top of the other, which is why the second language remained hidden for so long. Prevailing quantum mechanical logic prohibits this concept to be associated with quantum biology. This is due to scientists having an incomplete understanding of the energies associated with the functioning of the second law of thermodynamics.

The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, translated this misunderstanding as a major obstacle to the application of first principle cancer research. The reason why quantum mechanics and its complex offspring cannot deduce the essential first cause principles of cancer growth and development can be explained. Quantum mechanics was derived from the assumption that Sir Isaac Newton held that first cause principles explained gravitational forces as belonging to the mass of objects in space. He rejected this concept within his 28th Query Discussions, published in the second edition of his journal, Opticks. Whether Newton was right or wrong, quantum mechanics was based upon a false assumption. Newton’s mechanical description of the universe was completed by his more “natural and profound philosophy of science”.

The linguistic colour perception treatise presented to the Great Darwinian debate in 1877 by Prime Minister William Gladstone, was researched in tandem with the colour perception theories of Wolfgang von Goethe. Their work anticipated both the newly discovered hidden language of junk DNA and its association with the evolutionary function of stereoscopic colour perception theory.

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America vol. 101 no. 27, 2004, includes the paper Binocularity and brain evolution in primates, ‘The first paragraph states: ‘Primates are distinguished by frontally directed, highly convergent orbits, which are associated with stereoscopic vision. Although stereoscopic vision requires specialised neural mechanisms, its implications for brain evolution are unknown’. However, this is no longer the case.

In 2010 the Israeli physicist, Guy Deutscher, published his prize winning book of that year, entitled Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages. His research pinpointed stereoscopic vision as an evolutionary phenomenon. This concept is now pivotal to a crucial new neuroscientific perspective. Artists around the world had been working on this colour perception theory for many years. In 2010 their research was fused into the emerging science of quantum biology by two chemists, recipients of the Giorgio Napolitano Medal awarded on behalf of the Republic of Italy for their quantum biology discoveries.

Immanuel Kant and Emmanuel Levinas’ optical theories of ethical creativity in the form of asymmetrical electromagnetic lensing in the mind were instrumental in the emergence of the electromagnetic Golden Age of Danish Science. In 2002 Harvard University, Massachusetts University and the Royal Danish Consulate held an international symposium to bring to the attention of the world, the social importance of this Golden Age. They noted that as its research had been written mostly in Danish and not translated, it had become invisible to English speaking scholarship. Enlightened artists had developed Kant and Levinas’s theories related to the evolution of stereoscopic vision. They discovered that linguistic colour perception theories could be visibly measurable as unconscious activity within the human brain.

The patent document accompanying asymmetrical electromagnetic stereo-vision glasses, noted that when used to view certain paintings by Vincent van Gogh and Paul Cezanne, they had unconsciously hidden such images in their work. By observing art work throughout the centuries from the perspective of linguistic colour perception, modern day artists were able to chart its evolutionary function. This knowledge can now be related to the recently discovered survival importance of junk DNA.

The warranted artistic liaison between economics, education and healthy growth and development as a function of a model for the funding of ethical science, can be outlined. Leading up to this, in 1993 the International Journal for the Arts, Sciences and Technology LEONARDO published a Model for the Self Funding of Ethical Science, derived from theories associated with linguistic colour perception.

In 2010 the Italian artist Robert Denti, represented in national art galleries and museums in Europe, realised that such a model could instigate the 21st Century Renaissance. He linked the aforementioned linguistic research by recipients of the 2010 Giorgio Napolitano Medal with the stereo-vision colour perception theory developed by enlightened artists. He was joined by artists throughout the world, including the American artist and science writer Iona Miller, and the Science-Artist Chris Degendardt in Australia. Aboriginal Elders in Australia, using traditional colour perception techniques inspired the Aboriginal artist, Roger Saunders, to establish a successful stereoscopic art school for children, given recognition by medical scientists conducting junk DNA research. In the light of the first cause principle subject matter contained in this article stereoscopic art exhibitions are warranted to generate public cancer research funding under the name of the 21st Century Renaissance.


Do We Live In A Far Smarter Universe?

There is a constant debate over whether or not aliens exist. The common argument against their being a higher intelligence is why have they not contacted us? After all, if they are so smart than I’m sure they can figure out a way to reach Earth, right? Well I leave you with this to think about.

When Christopher Columbus came to the new world, he was not interested in the ant pile he might have stepped over when he first arrived. He was interested in intelligent life, such as the Native Americans, something equal to him. They were his most fascinating discovery, everything else was irrelevant. So what if there is a much more intelligent civilization out there but they are only communicating with other intelligent life forms? They walk past us every day uncaring for our inferior civilization, and we don’t even realize it.

It is like if humans were building a 100-story skyscraper, and sitting right next door was an ant pile. The ants have no clue that something far smarter than it are building something far more impressive than anything they can comprehend. They just aren’t up to that level of intelligence.

Then you say, “Well we haven’t heard any signals from space, wouldn’t we have picked up some sort of communication between them?” That is kind of like if you walked into an office building with a walkie-talkie. You would turn on the walkie-talkie, check every channel, hear nothing, and assume no one is there. Of course you wouldn’t pick up a signal, that’s because everyone is using more advanced technology like cell phones and email. It’s the same thing with a more advanced civilization. They could have some form of communication far more advanced than we are capable of picking up a signal.

Maybe there are aliens whizzing past us every day and we don’t even realize it. Just like humans pass ant hills every day and the ants have no idea. They are simply not smart enough to know that a more complex being is passing it. After all, if aliens are smart enough to have successfully created intergalactic travel, than they are probably worlds more intelligent than humans, just as humans are worlds more intelligent than ants. They could be using some complex technology that we can’t even comprehend. It would be like teaching an ant about the internet, the any will just never understand.

There is no scientific proof to this, just something to think about. We are as clueless about alien’s existence as the ancient Greeks were about the Earth being flat and at the center of the Universe. Hopefully one day we will be able to sort it all out and learn more about the universe around us.


Our Imagination

Someone once remarked that it is our own imagination which is within all of us complements the merry-go-round of life. Much can be said about imagination for without those childhood day dreams that all children have the many marvels of the ages wouldn’t have been made. All through-out history mankind has been inventing devises that have continually made improvements in man’s existence. Then again there is the dark side of humanity where inventions have only produced agonizing horrific atrocities. But, it is the good side of our imagination that is the one prime contributor that induces man’s ability to reach for the stars. And, yet today the technological marvels that are now available have also been a contributing factor in retarding childhood imagination and may well be attributed to more evil intentions of those willful perpetrators of calamity.

Too many times an obsession with devises such as those video games that have become so ever popular now have replaced one’s own initiative to visualize improbable situations where they are the central characters. Many baby boomers can remember the times of our childhood where play time consisted of acting out our fantasies where we visualized that we could do extraordinary things or invent wondrous devises that would save the world. Even in daydreams when in moments of solitude many a time our imagination carried us away to exotic places or inclined us to do feats of wonder. Many can recall someone saying close your eyes and just imagine once upon a time. That catch phrase took us on that magical ride of our imagination.

Even as we get older daydreams and our imagination doesn’t stop. Many a time we often conjure up an idea or invention that originated in thought through our imagination. When we look back in history at some of the marvels of their age the imagination of inventors put forth ideas that turned into experiments which then produced results. Thomas Edison and Tesla achieved world wide acclaim when their marvels of that period enlightened the world. But, those inventions would not have been made possible if it wasn’t first formulated in the imagination of their conscious thoughts. And, you can bet your bottom dollar that all other great inventors through-out history the success they achieved first originated in their own imagination. In all the great works of art, music, and literature all were conceived through their own imagination.

Imagination, a nurturing of conscious thought based on positive or negative influences of one’s surroundings. The good that mankind does is produced by the positive influences that shape their lives. Then there is the evil that man does are often a result of the negative influences that have dominated their conscious thoughts. The imagination both possess often lead to wonders to behold or horrific disasters.

Go back to a much simpler time when the technology of today was not available many a time while reading the likes of say Jules Verne where his imagination was so obvious in all his work took us on that fanciful ride where only our imagination was able to take us too. In doing so and visualizing the wonder of his “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” just may have stimulated the imagination of others which has resulted in many of the marvels we have today. We often wonder now that with all this attention on gadgetry that has dominated much of our attention today will we as a human race be able to continue to use our imagination for the betterment of mankind or will the dark side of humanity dominate one’s ability to transport the world as we know it back into the caves of the Neanderthal? A pondering question indeed.


For Better Schools, Let the Communities Take Over

Caring for education and personal development of the younger generation is a fundamental task to the future of Brazilian society. But we have never been so far from achieving these goals. Public administration sure “talks a lot” about “sustainability” and “development”, but it’s easy to see that administrators don’t have an effective plan to solve the real problems we’re facing nowadays. Authorities have failed in their effort to boost educational outcomes for children from disadvantaged backgrounds. For the poorest, the promise of quality education remains elusive. And the jobs, which were already insufficient, disappeared in the last years. Let’s remember that this happened in the years of the administration of the Worker’s Party. Ain’t that ironic?

What is the answer for education now? We cannot pretend that things will improve with unilateral measures, in a complex and diverse society like the current one. That’s not the right answer. Is it reasonable to believe that norms arbitrarily established by those who, in a contingent way, exercise power will transform reality for the better? Besides that, even if reform improved education, it is unlikely to do much about inequality. On the other hand, we must also confront those who specialized in the contestatory discourse. They are demagogues who are not concerned with younger people’s dreams. Otherwise they would respect their freedom of thought – the essential condition for building up a fair society. As well as in our personal life, in society we have to be the change. The policy will not revitalize education. They need to start by learning how to listen to those directly engaged in working with education. The truth is we will not “find” the solution. We must create it.

New forms of school organization need to emerge in response to new problems. The crisis should lead to a paradigm shift. Schools do not belong to political parties or rulers, not even belong to trade unions. But in these matters there’s a harmful centralized philosophy which empowers bureaucrats to exercise control over the classroom. Parents, teachers and community – the people closest to and most directly responsible for the students – have been shut out of the process. Far from it the authorities are replacing misguided policies with worse ones. It’s time to return education policy back to the local communities; it’s time to start putting our children first.

So, I believe that, even though experimentally, because that’s how the new one starts, it’s time for local communities to take over their schools. Only they can really take care of the public schools and those who attend them. I believe they would do this in the same responsible and generous way that people, all over the country, are rescuing and caring for abandoned public squares and gardens. In the same way that families come together to take care of the neighborhood. It is certainly unfortunate that we have come to this point. But we cannot wait any longer. It is time for decent and responsible people to confront this situation. It is time to transform our schools into a place of real learning.


Regarding First Cause Principles Governing Cancer Growth and Development

Medical science is associated with ethical intent and has made many wonderful discoveries. However, in the past it made a serious mistake when it assumed that junk DNA spoke an obsolete language from our evolutionary past. The discovery that junk DNA was instead, a previously hidden language code about future evolutionary health was published by the journal ‘Science’ in late 2013. The fact that the previously hidden language expressed aspects belonging to infinite fractal logic was important. It not only tipped modern medical science upside down but also demonstrated that 20th Century quantum mechanics was based upon completely false assumptions. Einstein’s world-view of reality was not only scientifically incomplete, but was very clearly an extension of a carcinogenic blueprint for our extinction.

In our ancient past this scientific blueprint for extinction had been part of the sacred geometrical language of the ‘Pyramid Texts’, written well before Hebrew, Christian and Islamic religions came into existence. The texts outlined the theory of creation belonging to the ancient Egyptian God of Creation, Atum who declared “Let their be light” from the original dark abyss of universal chaos. Atum decreed that all life must return back into the original state of chaos. That exact same concept became the premier carcinogenic law that Einstein later stated to be governing all of the sciences. There is not the slightest doubt that quantum mechanics got off on the wrong foot. Ancient Greek Science, holding to Plato’s dictum that “All is Geometry” simply fused the Egyptian logic that existed before light and matter came into existence. This logic was used to explain the cause of gravitational force that led to light and matter coming into existence in the first place.

Quantum mechanics was based upon the assumption that Sir Isaac Newton held a mechanical world-view. In his published ’28th Query Discussions’ Newton specifically denied this, stating his acceptance of the gravitational theories of ancient Greek scientific logic. It is not a matter of Newton being correct or not. It is proof that quantum mechanics had been based upon a completely false assumption.

The fact that modern science, in particular medical science, allowed itself to be governed by the idea that the energies of chaos govern all aspects of reality is not difficult to explain. The linking of the living process to infinity has been the sole prerogative of various religious persuasions for thousands of years. Attempts to break free of that social imposition have been so mercilessly cruel over the centuries that the fear of doing so has become imprinted genetically upon the scientific mindset. The mathematician, Georg Cantor, whose mathematical logic upholds most of the structure of modern science, diagnosed this erroneous scientific belief system as a “myopic fear of infinity inhabiting the scientific mind”.

The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, maintained that scientists inflicted with this prehistoric mindset were promoting a cancerous social growth and development. In 1959 the molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, agreed with him, writing within his famous Science-Art book that unless science was reunited with its ancient Greek artist philosophic counterpart then the cancer would enter into its human termination stage and destroy civilization.

The discovery that junk DNA contains a coded language in which health and well-being function as an infinite fractal expression, now warrants crucial, immediate medical investigation. In advanced quantum biological cancer research, information flowing in the opposite direction to the energies of universal chaos, entangle with a universal flow of information flowing in the opposite direction. This Shannon-Wiener information utilizes a scientifically known property of carbon forms, obeying an infinite universal fractal logic in order to evolve healthy, non-carcinogenic, universal consciousness. Einstein had no idea this process could ever exist, ignoring the research of his protege, David Bohm, who predicted its discovery.

Although mainstream science is well aware that stereoscopic vision functions as a complex part of the primate mind, it is unaware that a little over 50 years ago the Journal of the British Medical Association published a celebration of discoveries about the evolutionary importance of stereoscopic vision in many other species other than primates. These discoveries explain the health and well-being purpose encoded within junk DNA. Isaac Newton published his conviction that ancient Geek science’s first cause for gravity was correct. The Greek theories were given stereoscopic definition by Emmanuel Kant and Emmanuel Levinas in their depth investigation of the ethical (non-carcinogenic) ancient Greek Science for ethical ends. They defined the fundamental lensing within artistic creativity as being an asymmetrical electromagnetic functioning within the mind.

The artist Salvador Dali’s famous stereoscopic art museum in Spain used Einstein’s theories to describe creativity within the artistic mind. His theories, however, are inconsistent with the vision of the viewer. But when paintings throughout history are viewed through asymmetrical electromagnetic glasses, the evolutionary process of 19th Century stereoscopic linguistic colour perception theory are revealed. Guy Deutscher’s 2010 Book of the Year ’Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages’, not only introduces a new medical neurological science to the world but is linked to his book ‘The Entropy Crisis’, describing the crucial need for the general public to become better informed about their understanding of the nature of chaos associated with the Second law of thermodynamics, described by Einstein as the premier law of all of the sciences.

Together with the aid of the appropriate stereoscopic vision glasses, the general public can actually see the evolutionary process toward universal health and well being. By doing so they will be resonating to the survival language of what is called their junk DNA. In the context of Wolfgang van Goethe’s linguistic colour perception theories, they will be gaining intuitions concerning the future development of new human survival technologies. Such technologies go far beyond the present state of scientific global conflict, bringing an end to the chaos belonging to the present Entropy Crisis.


Role Of Robotics In The Progressive Education System For The 21st Century

With a specific end goal to instruct in the 21st century, educational institutes and instructors need to develop and keep up a student’s enthusiasm for the curriculum by demonstrating and inculcating skills to transfer bookish knowledge to the real-life applications.

Robotics – An Applied Science

Before we even begin to understand the need for inculcating Robotics in the Education System of today, we need to be thorough with what exactly a robot is.

A robot is a machine that can perform complex actions based on the programs fed to the computer. It can perform a series of tasks, replicate many human movements and functions, but is essentially unemotional.

About Robotics

Robotics is that branch of technology that encompasses the start to the end of a robot. It not only deals with the designing aspect of a Robot, but applies technology for the construction of the same, considers the aspects of its operation, and further application of the robots.

Robotics is not a fad; it is far from that. It is a gradual progression from the old-school contemporary education and is more of a phenomenon that allows an integrated approach to the knowledge of mathematics, science and other technological content.

In the fast-paced world today, Robotics allows emphasis on problem-based learning, encourages learning in groups and outlays perfect integration and application of knowledge.

Robotics And Student Connect

Realizing True Potential: Since Robotics is essentially an application-based study, it allows students across levels to learn on the go. They may also get to realize their potentials and seek assistance where they see an opportunity to build their career in the long run.

Taking New Roles: In an interactive classroom environment, while working on a robot, student teams interact with each other. Some come across to be great speakers, while others as great thinkers – virtually breathing life into thoughts. They can rather code, perform specialized tasks and additionally ensure the group remains focused.

Going Beyond the Books: Today, the Education system is focusing beyond the bookish knowledge and while students get interested in a new domain like Robotics, they will also get an opportunity to get involved and learn other interactive platforms like social media to spread a word about their word.

Theory to Application: As the students begin to see, the theoretical knowledge coming to life in the manner, they would want it to, where they have a role in the actual control. They begin to enjoy the power of control and subconsciously start excelling in the respective domains as well.

Stretching the Boundaries: It allows an opportunity for critical thinking in a steady and self-inspired way. The learners encounter fulfilling accomplishments immediately and can rapidly proceed to establish complicated programs and challenges in a robot.


The Spirit of the Universe and the Invention of the Wheel

It has been a mystery that many have pondered over the years. Who invented the wheel and why? It is depicted in ancient hieroglyphs and imagery in rock art dating to the Neolithic. The Spirit, however, showed me a vision that prompted me to look further back in the records to find its precursor in the Stone Age. An image located at Tata, Hungary, dates to over 400,000 years ago and is a circle/cross symbol etched on a nummulite fossil.

As part of my research into the origin of language and religion the Spirit, with which I have a strong link following my reincarnation, sent me on a learning curve. Shown how ancient mysteries and secrets are preserved it is time to expose their meaning and how they now form a trap to bring the false gods to an end.

What was unknown by them as people changed from hunter-gatherers to sedentary life was the structure of the universe. They thought of the world as a flat surface because they never figured out the curvature of it. The end of the earth was the ocean which, in their minds, rose up in a circular shape above the earth.

They worked this out on the colours and the horizon which, to an untrained mind, showed the rise of the water as it blended the sky and ocean together. Add to these things the lack of language, which was basic at best, and the poor attitude towards record keeping.

To them everything was a circle. The earth was contained in a big circle. The universe above them is a circle. The sun, which they worshipped as their god, is a circle. Without anything to change their assessment of the planet no one dreamed that it too is a sphere.

As things developed due to sedimentation they used symbols and sounds associated with such to develop language as a vehicle of communication. Invention, borrowing, and things like clicks, claps, and knocks, were all part of the mix. Some languages still work with them, such as that of the !Kung people of the Kalahari Desert and the !Quichuan speakers of Mexico. (The symbol! stands for ‘click)

Possibly the first sounds related to the simple ones that could be formed easily with the mouth and required no voice box were mostly glides, stops, and vowels sounds. The latter fall into this category and [o], [a], [e], [i], and [u], figured in their speech. That is beside the fact that some languages developed complicated double vowels while others use only three or four.

Using the letter [o] as a starting point and that of [i] as its mate the combined sounds of ‘io’ and ‘oi’ means God in Maori and Judaism. ‘Io’ became ‘jo’ when the letter [j] was introduced and ‘joy’ or ‘joi’ means ‘ultimate happiness’.

With the combined circle/cross symbol known from hundreds if not thousands of years previously the wheel was a product of it. Depictions show them as basic designs with the right-angled cross as the spokes. Later depictions have six and then eight spokes that are required for strength.

It did not take long before the wheel became a means to create a vehicle. The first chariots are shown in the Assyrian capital drawing dating from some 8-10,000 years ago. Egyptian chariots were more sophisticated and the European ones copied their style.


Reality Is Not What Actually Happens, But the Perception of It

Oh what a tangled web and the world is caught in it up to its eyeballs. How can two people, namely mother and son, have such differing views on the same topic and believe in their judgment with such passion. This is the situation faced by me when driving recently with my son. Attempts at reasonable conversation were thwarted when topic after topic was shot down in flames by the other. So where is reality when this is happening.

We both live in the same city, we talk to much the same people, and we listen to the media. Yet, our views on subjects as widely ranging as the President of the USA to the control over building materials arriving in the country were so diverse. It was impossible not to try to reason why?

When examining the situation later and with a clear mind it struck me that reality is about perception and not what actually happens. He listens to certain people and forms a view about the way things are but he has approached it from a far different route to me. His knowledge of the world is different because he is younger and has other influences than I.

On the other hand, my experience of things comes from knowing the end result of so many issues of the past, of which he is unaware. His generation has been spared the results of WWII, for instance. My memory reaches back to that time when the world was in trauma and everyday reports of more casualties were played on the radio.

He is a product of modern media, such as television and the Internet. While my time is spent on research and article writing his is spent largely in conversation with mates or playing games, and so on. Probably because of my past war games and such are not in my vision while he loves them.

As the oldies live longer and the young are pampered with modern technology and such the disparity grows wider. Is this then the reason for the populace movement that sees people like Donald Trump become President of the USA. While I see him in one light that is perhaps not favourable to a peaceful world my son sees him as a Savour.

If one multiplies my experience here by the generation gap of the next and the next generation, none of whom will see eye to eye, is it any wonder that the world is in crisis?

While my memory also includes my reincarnation and link to the Spirit my son will have none of it. Here to is another area where there is great disagreement in the world. Many have similar memories and links but those who are religious can’t and won’t ever accept it. The way the human race is designed is for conflict. That may be between mother and son or the leaders. There cannot be a consensus of opinion because we are so very different.


The Universal Spirit Told How the Future Would Prove Its Existence to The World

The human brain is a hard place to enter when its doors are locked shut against new ideas and concepts. Over the millions of years of development and evolution it has picked up things to fill its channels to capacity. Unless there is a cleansing of the rubbish blocking the pathways to new possibilities even God can’t make an impression. That is why the world is in crisis and we are the end of the day.

Like a newborn child it has to be fed information to allow the brain to grow and the different channels to open. There is a short window of opportunity for this to happen, and that’s why parents are the primary teachers. Their habits, traditions, and ways are studied and the child develops the same.

When humans evolved they already had their channels opened to some extent. The parents were the pre-humans who had speech, traditions, and so on. This is known from my research and the depositions in the earth to show it.

Their knowledge and customs had to do with the sun and worship of it. They considered it the Chief God of the earth and they called it ‘mother’. That is why we still refer to ‘mother nature’ and such. By the time of the Persian Empire men developed a dream by which they could become gods by mating with it, or ‘her’.

That idea became so impacted that it is the glue that stops new ideas about the Spirit from being received. How do I know this and why is it so?

In answer to the first part of the question my memory of reincarnation and strong link to the Spirit provided knowledge that heaven and hell are myths and that religions teach lies. We have all reincarnated six times, as noted in Job 5:19-21 and God states here

“All tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean” Isaiah 28:6

It also made the promise that it will speak to its people with tongues (ibid 18:11), and that’s how it communicates now. It is calling those who are spiritual away from religions. It was promised that this will happen in the last days, a time we are now in.

This presents the first hurdle for those with closed minds to get their heads around. How can God speak to anyone and why would a woman be chosen to do this work? I asked the same question and was told to get the bible. It opened where this passage stood out:

“For God has created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man” Jeremiah 31:22

These represent the future concepts that God wants known. The man is 666 and his name is Constantine. He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and was given until now to take all things of the truth from the world. This was God’s way of closing everyone’s eyes and ears so that now it can come out.

When people face their death and the horrors of what is now to come they will quickly clean their minds of the rubbish they are impacted with. The Spirit is back and now anyone with a clean mind can and will be part of the new order. This was the future concept to show man how the darkness and evil was meant to bring the world to its knees. It also foretold that the light of the New Order will soon impact on the world to cleanse it.