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The Spirit of the Universe and the Invention of the Wheel

It has been a mystery that many have pondered over the years. Who invented the wheel and why? It is depicted in ancient hieroglyphs and imagery in rock art dating to the Neolithic. The Spirit, however, showed me a vision that prompted me to look further back in the records to find its precursor in the Stone Age. An image located at Tata, Hungary, dates to over 400,000 years ago and is a circle/cross symbol etched on a nummulite fossil.

As part of my research into the origin of language and religion the Spirit, with which I have a strong link following my reincarnation, sent me on a learning curve. Shown how ancient mysteries and secrets are preserved it is time to expose their meaning and how they now form a trap to bring the false gods to an end.

What was unknown by them as people changed from hunter-gatherers to sedentary life was the structure of the universe. They thought of the world as a flat surface because they never figured out the curvature of it. The end of the earth was the ocean which, in their minds, rose up in a circular shape above the earth.

They worked this out on the colours and the horizon which, to an untrained mind, showed the rise of the water as it blended the sky and ocean together. Add to these things the lack of language, which was basic at best, and the poor attitude towards record keeping.

To them everything was a circle. The earth was contained in a big circle. The universe above them is a circle. The sun, which they worshipped as their god, is a circle. Without anything to change their assessment of the planet no one dreamed that it too is a sphere.

As things developed due to sedimentation they used symbols and sounds associated with such to develop language as a vehicle of communication. Invention, borrowing, and things like clicks, claps, and knocks, were all part of the mix. Some languages still work with them, such as that of the !Kung people of the Kalahari Desert and the !Quichuan speakers of Mexico. (The symbol! stands for ‘click)

Possibly the first sounds related to the simple ones that could be formed easily with the mouth and required no voice box were mostly glides, stops, and vowels sounds. The latter fall into this category and [o], [a], [e], [i], and [u], figured in their speech. That is beside the fact that some languages developed complicated double vowels while others use only three or four.

Using the letter [o] as a starting point and that of [i] as its mate the combined sounds of ‘io’ and ‘oi’ means God in Maori and Judaism. ‘Io’ became ‘jo’ when the letter [j] was introduced and ‘joy’ or ‘joi’ means ‘ultimate happiness’.

With the combined circle/cross symbol known from hundreds if not thousands of years previously the wheel was a product of it. Depictions show them as basic designs with the right-angled cross as the spokes. Later depictions have

Reality Is Not What Actually Happens, But the Perception of It

Oh what a tangled web and the world is caught in it up to its eyeballs. How can two people, namely mother and son, have such differing views on the same topic and believe in their judgment with such passion. This is the situation faced by me when driving recently with my son. Attempts at reasonable conversation were thwarted when topic after topic was shot down in flames by the other. So where is reality when this is happening.

We both live in the same city, we talk to much the same people, and we listen to the media. Yet, our views on subjects as widely ranging as the President of the USA to the control over building materials arriving in the country were so diverse. It was impossible not to try to reason why?

When examining the situation later and with a clear mind it struck me that reality is about perception and not what actually happens. He listens to certain people and forms a view about the way things are but he has approached it from a far different route to me. His knowledge of the world is different because he is younger and has other influences than I.

On the other hand, my experience of things comes from knowing the end result of so many issues of the past, of which he is unaware. His generation has been spared the results of WWII, for instance. My memory reaches back to that time when the world was in trauma and everyday reports of more casualties were played on the radio.

He is a product of modern media, such as television and the Internet. While my time is spent on research and article writing his is spent largely in conversation with mates or playing games, and so on. Probably because of my past war games and such are not in my vision while he loves them.

As the oldies live longer and the young are pampered with modern technology and such the disparity grows wider. Is this then the reason for the populace movement that sees people like Donald Trump become President of the USA. While I see him in one light that is perhaps not favourable to a peaceful world my son sees him as a Savour.

If one multiplies my experience here by the generation gap of the next and the next generation, none of whom will see eye to eye, is it any wonder that the world is in crisis?

While my memory also includes my reincarnation and link to the Spirit my son will have none of it. Here to is another area where there is great disagreement in the world. Many have similar memories and links but those who are religious can’t and won’t ever accept it. The way the human race is designed is for conflict. That may be between mother and son or the leaders. There cannot be a consensus of opinion because we are so very different.


The Universal Spirit Told How the Future Would Prove Its Existence to The World

The human brain is a hard place to enter when its doors are locked shut against new ideas and concepts. Over the millions of years of development and evolution it has picked up things to fill its channels to capacity. Unless there is a cleansing of the rubbish blocking the pathways to new possibilities even God can’t make an impression. That is why the world is in crisis and we are the end of the day.

Like a newborn child it has to be fed information to allow the brain to grow and the different channels to open. There is a short window of opportunity for this to happen, and that’s why parents are the primary teachers. Their habits, traditions, and ways are studied and the child develops the same.

When humans evolved they already had their channels opened to some extent. The parents were the pre-humans who had speech, traditions, and so on. This is known from my research and the depositions in the earth to show it.

Their knowledge and customs had to do with the sun and worship of it. They considered it the Chief God of the earth and they called it ‘mother’. That is why we still refer to ‘mother nature’ and such. By the time of the Persian Empire men developed a dream by which they could become gods by mating with it, or ‘her’.

That idea became so impacted that it is the glue that stops new ideas about the Spirit from being received. How do I know this and why is it so?

In answer to the first part of the question my memory of reincarnation and strong link to the Spirit provided knowledge that heaven and hell are myths and that religions teach lies. We have all reincarnated six times, as noted in Job 5:19-21 and God states here

“All tables are full of vomit and filthiness, so that there is no place clean”¬†Isaiah 28:6

It also made the promise that it will speak to its people with tongues (ibid 18:11), and that’s how it communicates now. It is calling those who are spiritual away from religions. It was promised that this will happen in the last days, a time we are now in.

This presents the first hurdle for those with closed minds to get their heads around. How can God speak to anyone and why would a woman be chosen to do this work? I asked the same question and was told to get the bible. It opened where this passage stood out:

“For God has created a new thing in the earth, A woman shall compass a man”¬†Jeremiah 31:22

These represent the future concepts that God wants known. The man is 666 and his name is Constantine. He established the Catholic Church in 325 AD and was given until now to take all things of the truth from the world. This was God’s way of closing everyone’s eyes and ears so that now it can come out.

When people face their death and the horrors of what is now

5 Interesting Things for Children To Do With Paper Bags

It happens often that you buy something in bulk and find them extra after utilising them for a particular purpose. In this series, paper bags are also included in the list. So, if you want to do something creative and outstanding with your leftover bunch of bags of paper, you can check out the collection of these amazing ideas. These crafting ideas will be loved by your children too during those lazy holidays when they want to do enjoy creating something innovative –

Alien headpieces

So, you want to avail something new to your children to play with during the next kids’ party. Well, the idea of creating alien headpieces will be loved by your children and their friends. This is also an extensively preferred creative activity for Halloween party. You can experiment with the bags of paper, cut two holes in the shape of eyes and past fancy designed nose and lips on it for the perfect monster look.

Paper bag fall wrath

What about making a fall wreath with paper bags during the Christmas season and Halloween? This idea seems very creative and exciting, no? You need nothing to do but just drawing simple flower patterns on the paper bags. After this, you need to cut as much flower shapes as possible with those paper bags and give them a shape of wrath using a flexible wire. It’s so easy that you can simply make a circle with the flexible wire and paste your paper bag flowers on the circle. Decorate it with colourful paper butterflies, bells and cherries. If you don’t have enough bags of papers for this purpose, you can buy paper bags online at the cheapest deal.

Paper bag nests

One more thing which can be designed very attractively by using bags of paper is the artificial nest. This item attracts children so much for its cute shape and also used frequently in their school projects, DIY doll house etc. So, you can use brown coloured bags made up of paper for preparing lovely nests. Just take a bag made of paper and cut it into a circular shape. Then, twist the circle in order to make a shallow cone-like structure. By folding the point of the cone, provide the shape of a nest to your creation. Use leftover paper for making multiple small strips of paper and paste these paper stripes on the nest randomly for offering a messy look. This is how; your paper bag nest will be ready.

Cute stationary holders

Nothing can be used as a far cuter way than the bags made up of paper bags for designing a wall hanging stationary holder. You just need a newspaper and fold it half way on its length. Then fold it once again in the length in order to make a long runner. Now, paste 3 to 4 paper bags in a queue on this prepared ‘base of newspaper’. Decorate the bags of paper with stickers, colours and handmade flowers for a catchy look. Attach a tagging thread at

Animals Used for Experimentation

Right now, as you are reading this article, millions of rabbits, primates, dogs, and mice must be going under the knife as a result of experiments being conducted on them for the sustenance and growth of the human race. We started breaking the balance and crossed all limits when we began to slaughter these sentient creatures just for the development of our own race.

We made the poor, innocent animals subjects of our horrific experiments. They are made to undergo pain inducing clinical trials for cosmetics, medical drugs, consumer products and so on. We long forgotten their rights, and now we are being ignorant towards the ethics and principles involved behind causing such pain to these living creatures.

Millions of primates, rabbits, dogs, cats, pigs, rodents, etc. are made to undergo horrifying experiments in laboratories spread across the globe. As an impact of the drugs being administered, the helpless creatures are at times intoxicated and burnt alive. In the physiological experiments, they are left to suffer depravity, anxiety, depression, terror, helplessness, and more. They are electrocuted during vivisection surgeries and injected with almost everything from heroin and marijuana to methamphetamine into their internal systems. To understand the cancerous cell and their impacts, carcinoma is induced in them.

Some of these animals have been found with holes in their skull for being used for the purpose of brain related experiments. The case is worse for mice and rats, in which there aren’t any laws to safeguard their interest. While in case of other animals like guinea pigs, cats, and dogs, the researchers are expected to look for other alternatives, and in case of necessity, are bound by law to use pain relief and anesthetics. However for mice and rats, there doesn’t exist any such obligation. They are readily available, and no permission has to be granted to use them for experiments. Use of such animals for experiments makes the laboratories evasive of any laws and inspections, and thus they are left on their own to carry on with their heinous crimes.

Eye irritancy tests, for dish washing liquids, cosmetics, drain cleaners, etc. are injected in eyes of the innocent animals like rabbits to check their effects on humans. Such experiments often leave these animals with eye conditions including blindness, redness, hemorrhage, swelling, discharge, etc. Precious, beautiful animals like rabbits are shaved and corrosive chemicals are applied on their backs or other body parts. These animals are left as such for as long as a fortnight with no pain relievers, and they often succumb to their injuries and pain.

The innocent creatures are made to undergo surgeries in their spines to study cardiovascular diseases, spinal cord injuries, and so on. These animals are kept in mutilated conditions for over six months before being killed by barbarians. The helpless animals are met with terrifying experiments where they are treated no better than mere disposable wastes of experiments.

The primates being equally sentient as humans are first made to undergo painful separations from their family and natural habitat. They are

The Evil Fur Trade

Fur trade is one of the oldest fabric trades in the garment business and the most inhuman of all. Dealings regarding the acquisition and sale of fur from animals have been immensely popularized around the world in the last century with the rise in high fashion. Since the early modern period, furs of different animals like boreal, polar bear, minks, and others have been in high demand. This led to the exploitation of temperate regions like Siberia, Northern North America, South Sandwich Island, and South Shetland where millions of animals have been killed over the years.

In spite of worldwide protests against the use of fur in clothing or otherwise, fur farms continue to survive and employ some of the cruelest methods of extracting fur from animals. While the supporters have repeatedly tried to reason that the methods are not cruel, there are several sting operations that prove that the fur trade industry can be called inhumane in the politest of terms. Although a substantial portion of fur usage had diminished with its replacement of synthetic product and the unending campaigns of the animal rights groups, thousand of animals die every year simply to cater to the whims of the shallow and uncompassionate.

Reasons for rise in fur trade:

So coming to the most important question of all, why is it that there is such a demand for fur products? Are people really that clueless and do not care how other species are treated? You see, there are two very simple reasons as to why animals are killed. One is for the sake of vanity, for showing off one’s riches and tastes in society. The other is simply to make a great deal of money by catering to those tastes. A number of people believe that fur clothing or accessories are glamorous and make one look more attractive. It is this demand that led to the rise in poaching or setting up of fur farms. As long as there is a market for fur products, the barbaric fur farms continue to exist.

How the animals are treated:

There are several animals that are targets for fur farming because of their fur coats. These include both big and small animals. Some of the most popular fur varieties are rabbit, mink, fox, polar bear, and raccoon. All of which are denied a full healthy life in the name of fashion. These precious, innocent creatures are raised in horrible conditions and are confined in tiny cages. The methods of killing are even worse, and the animals are still alive after their skin is removed. The animals suffer in ways that one cannot even imagine.

Make an alternative choice:

Fur products may look beautiful, but the price that is paid is too high to even consider. However, there is an alternative that looks as beautiful but is without a violent history to tell. That’s right. Make a conscious choice and use faux fur if you desire that style. They look just the same and are approved by the animal rights groups

Salvation Gospel: Befriend Jesus

The Song: Oh, how I love JESUS (3 times),
Because He first loved me.

The above song expresses the deepest feeling of a genuine child of God. If you are yet to join the group of persons singing this song with inexplicable joy, seriously consider your position, decide immediately, befriend Jesus today, and catch the joy of the Holy Spirit. As you begin to sing with us, the joy you have contacted through your new found love with JESUS will give you strength.

In truth, it is only those who are in love with Jesus Christ that can honestly sing the song with bliss and be blessed accordingly. We understand from the Bible that God’s blessings make us rich without any negative side effect. Isn’t that Great? This is the only blessing worth having. The good part of it is that Jesus desires your friendship. He wants to befriend you. Why don’t you accept his love proposal today?

It is very important you take note of the following:
1) Friendship with Jesus exposes you to more of God’s blessings.
2) Jesus wants to give you rest from every stress of life.
3) The decision to befriend Him should be made now.
4) Delay is very dangerous.
5) You have only one life to live on this earth.
6) God will certainly review all human activities on earth and reward every man accordingly.

Our Lord Jesus presented himself as the sacrificial lamb to pay the price for the sins of the entire world. This is for the reason that he knows the grave and painful reward that awaits all who refuse to worship God through Him (Jesus).

You will therefore be doing yourself a lot of good if you heed the warning to repent now. Any one that disobeys this warning stands the risk of suffering eternal punishment; being tormented perpetually in the lake of fire. This is also called the second death.

When you disobey God, you are a rebel. In God’s vocabulary, a rebel is equivalent to witchcraft. So, if on earth today, you detest being called witchcraft, you must stop disobeying God. Otherwise you have personally elected to be addressed and treated as witchcraft. The scripture commands that the witchcraft should not be permitted to live. That means, every witchcraft has a death sentence hanging over him/her. You have no excuse from everlasting punishment if you disregard God’s call to life. You personally made the choice to die.

Be informed also that no one can feign ignorance of this invitation. Jesus came directly from God to herald the gospel to everyone that cares to listen, believe and accept it. When He left, He commissioned the Holy Spirit to take over. Up and until now the Holy Spirit is still enabling as many as believe in Jesus Christ to receive salvation and maintain their position in God.

Please join this group now. They are the happiest people in the world. They walk the surface of the earth, yet they are not controlled by the world. The world