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Regarding First Cause Principles Governing Cancer Growth and Development

Medical science is associated with ethical intent and has made many wonderful discoveries. However, in the past it made a serious mistake when it assumed that junk DNA spoke an obsolete language from our evolutionary past. The discovery that junk DNA was instead, a previously hidden language code about future evolutionary health was published by the journal ‘Science’ in late 2013. The fact that the previously hidden language expressed aspects belonging to infinite fractal logic was important. It not only tipped modern medical science upside down but also demonstrated that 20th Century quantum mechanics was based upon completely false assumptions. Einstein’s world-view of reality was not only scientifically incomplete, but was very clearly an extension of a carcinogenic blueprint for our extinction.

In our ancient past this scientific blueprint for extinction had been part of the sacred geometrical language of the ‘Pyramid Texts’, written well before Hebrew, Christian and Islamic religions came into existence. The texts outlined the theory of creation belonging to the ancient Egyptian God of Creation, Atum who declared “Let their be light” from the original dark abyss of universal chaos. Atum decreed that all life must return back into the original state of chaos. That exact same concept became the premier carcinogenic law that Einstein later stated to be governing all of the sciences. There is not the slightest doubt that quantum mechanics got off on the wrong foot. Ancient Greek Science, holding to Plato’s dictum that “All is Geometry” simply fused the Egyptian logic that existed before light and matter came into existence. This logic was used to explain the cause of gravitational force that led to light and matter coming into existence in the first place.

Quantum mechanics was based upon the assumption that Sir Isaac Newton held a mechanical world-view. In his published ’28th Query Discussions’ Newton specifically denied this, stating his acceptance of the gravitational theories of ancient Greek scientific logic. It is not a matter of Newton being correct or not. It is proof that quantum mechanics had been based upon a completely false assumption.

The fact that modern science, in particular medical science, allowed itself to be governed by the idea that the energies of chaos govern all aspects of reality is not difficult to explain. The linking of the living process to infinity has been the sole prerogative of various religious persuasions for thousands of years. Attempts to break free of that social imposition have been so mercilessly cruel over the centuries that the fear of doing so has become imprinted genetically upon the scientific mindset. The mathematician, Georg Cantor, whose mathematical logic upholds most of the structure of modern science, diagnosed this erroneous scientific belief system as a “myopic fear of infinity inhabiting the scientific mind”.

The 1937 Nobel Laureate in Medicine, Szent-Gyorgyi, maintained that scientists inflicted with this prehistoric mindset were promoting a cancerous social growth and development. In 1959 the molecular biologist, Sir C P Snow, agreed with him, writing within his famous Science-Art book that unless science was reunited with its ancient Greek artist philosophic counterpart then the cancer would enter into its human termination stage and destroy civilization.

The discovery that junk DNA contains a coded language in which health and well-being function as an infinite fractal expression, now warrants crucial, immediate medical investigation. In advanced quantum biological cancer research, information flowing in the opposite direction to the energies of universal chaos, entangle with a universal flow of information flowing in the opposite direction. This Shannon-Wiener information utilizes a scientifically known property of carbon forms, obeying an infinite universal fractal logic in order to evolve healthy, non-carcinogenic, universal consciousness. Einstein had no idea this process could ever exist, ignoring the research of his protege, David Bohm, who predicted its discovery.

Although mainstream science is well aware that stereoscopic vision functions as a complex part of the primate mind, it is unaware that a little over 50 years ago the Journal of the British Medical Association published a celebration of discoveries about the evolutionary importance of stereoscopic vision in many other species other than primates. These discoveries explain the health and well-being purpose encoded within junk DNA. Isaac Newton published his conviction that ancient Geek science’s first cause for gravity was correct. The Greek theories were given stereoscopic definition by Emmanuel Kant and Emmanuel Levinas in their depth investigation of the ethical (non-carcinogenic) ancient Greek Science for ethical ends. They defined the fundamental lensing within artistic creativity as being an asymmetrical electromagnetic functioning within the mind.

The artist Salvador Dali’s famous stereoscopic art museum in Spain used Einstein’s theories to describe creativity within the artistic mind. His theories, however, are inconsistent with the vision of the viewer. But when paintings throughout history are viewed through asymmetrical electromagnetic glasses, the evolutionary process of 19th Century stereoscopic linguistic colour perception theory are revealed. Guy Deutscher’s 2010 Book of the Year ’Through the Language Glass: Why the World Looks Different in Other Languages’, not only introduces a new medical neurological science to the world but is linked to his book ‘The Entropy Crisis’, describing the crucial need for the general public to become better informed about their understanding of the nature of chaos associated with the Second law of thermodynamics, described by Einstein as the premier law of all of the sciences.

Together with the aid of the appropriate stereoscopic vision glasses, the general public can actually see the evolutionary process toward universal health and well being. By doing so they will be resonating to the survival language of what is called their junk DNA. In the context of Wolfgang van Goethe’s linguistic colour perception theories, they will be gaining intuitions concerning the future development of new human survival technologies. Such technologies go far beyond the present state of scientific global conflict, bringing an end to the chaos belonging to the present Entropy Crisis.


My First Day at School

General Description

Board of Inter and Secondary Education announced the day of result for which I was anxiously waiting. I got up early in the morning on that day, prepare myself and started towards my school along with my father. I become very happy when I came to know that I promoted to the new class. By Grace of Almighty Allah, I got first Division in 8th class.

Admission Process

The Headmaster invited applications of candidates for admission in 9th class. I along with my father go to our new school for admission. My father got an admission form from the administration staff. He filled the admission form immediately and entered in the office of Principal. My father gave the form to him. He looked at the form and advised to deposit it with the school staff for further necessary action. The peon led us to the room where I found the staff round a long table. My father gave the form to one of them. The teacher put my knowledge to test in English and mathematics. I solved the questions easily. The teacher wrote something on my admission form and returned it to the school principal for further orders. The principal put his kind considerations on my application and selected me.

Got Admission

It was the happiest movement of my life because I got admission in new class. I went to the classroom after necessary documentation of admission. The instructors were extremely engaged with recording our particulars. They allotted us the roll numbers and we become happy. We were proud of being a school student.

First Day in School

On the first day, I found myself among some smart and active boys. They were the senior students who wanted to make “Matriculation fools” of us, they greeted the new comers with funny remarks.

The bell of the school rang in the meanwhile and we go to the class room. It was my first day and new experience in the school. The teacher arrived and began to call over the roll numbers on the attendance register. After the roll call, the teacher spoke us to the subject he will teach. When the period was over, we moved to another room. That day, each teacher spoke on the importance of school education and other advisory lectures.

Impressions in School

My impression of that day in the school is still fresh in my memory. I found myself at the place where I had wished to be for since I was the student of 8th class. Many times before, I had come to this place with my brothers, cousins and friends. Now, I was a student of this school, it seemed to me a wonderful place. I had a strange sort of satisfaction on entering the gate of my new learning institute. I was experiencing a new joy. The school would give me knowledge and wisdom and make me a good citizen.

At last the classes were over, the bell rang for us to go away home. I was quite glad. It had been a fantastic first day at school.