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Do We Live In A Far Smarter Universe?

There is a constant debate over whether or not aliens exist. The common argument against their being a higher intelligence is why have they not contacted us? After all, if they are so smart than I’m sure they can figure out a way to reach Earth, right? Well I leave you with this to think about.

When Christopher Columbus came to the new world, he was not interested in the ant pile he might have stepped over when he first arrived. He was interested in intelligent life, such as the Native Americans, something equal to him. They were his most fascinating discovery, everything else was irrelevant. So what if there is a much more intelligent civilization out there but they are only communicating with other intelligent life forms? They walk past us every day uncaring for our inferior civilization, and we don’t even realize it.

It is like if humans were building a 100-story skyscraper, and sitting right next door was an ant pile. The ants have no clue that something far smarter than it are building something far more impressive than anything they can comprehend. They just aren’t up to that level of intelligence.

Then you say, “Well we haven’t heard any signals from space, wouldn’t we have picked up some sort of communication between them?” That is kind of like if you walked into an office building with a walkie-talkie. You would turn on the walkie-talkie, check every channel, hear nothing, and assume no one is there. Of course you wouldn’t pick up a signal, that’s because everyone is using more advanced technology like cell phones and email. It’s the same thing with a more advanced civilization. They could have some form of communication far more advanced than we are capable of picking up a signal.

Maybe there are aliens whizzing past us every day and we don’t even realize it. Just like humans pass ant hills every day and the ants have no idea. They are simply not smart enough to know that a more complex being is passing it. After all, if aliens are smart enough to have successfully created intergalactic travel, than they are probably worlds more intelligent than humans, just as humans are worlds more intelligent than ants. They could be using some complex technology that we can’t even comprehend. It would be like teaching an ant about the internet, the any will just never understand.

There is no scientific proof to this, just something to think about. We are as clueless about alien’s existence as the ancient Greeks were about the Earth being flat and at the center of the Universe. Hopefully one day we will be able to sort it all out and learn more about the universe around us.